Medlab Middle East 2024 Biotest Successful Conclusion


Medlab Middle East 2024 Biotest Successful Conclusion

Medlab Middle East 2024, Dubai is coming as promised. With the aim of paving the way for technological advancements and sustainability in laboratory medicine, the 23rd edition of the Medlab Middle East annual gathering brings together 900+ exhibitors from 40+ countries, showcasing the latest laboratory innovations and technologies across 8 product categories.

Innovation drives development, innovation leads the future. This year, Biotest launched a number of innovative products, including SalivaTracer, a micro saliva drug test; PowderTracer, a new surface drug test; IM Reader, a new rapid test reading instrument; Active Analyzer, a microfuildics analyzer; New FOB Rapid Test Cup etc. The new products released by Biotest attracted great attention and interest from many customers. Many customers stopped by the booth to learn more about the advantages and features of the new products, and the sales staff also demonstrated how to use them on the spot.


 Biotest attaches great importance to this medical exhibition in Dubai and sends the largest exhibition line-up in history. Through face-to-face communication with customers, we understood the real market demand. Customers also provided valuable advice on the development of new product.


In order to further expand the overseas market, Biotest has landed the medical device business that meets the characteristics of the target market according to the medical needs, economic level and cultural background of different countries and regions, and actively seeks for cooperation with international partners.

After completing the IVDR registration of the first batch of 69 products, Biotest continues to promote the IVDR registration of the subsequent products to provide better product certification for our customers.


In the era of global innovation, communication and cooperation, the global journey of Biotest is in full swing from China to the sea, from Central and East Africa to Europe, America and other global regions. We are looking forward to building a new blueprint of healthcare together with our global customers.New era, new opportunities, leaving the complexity to ourselves and bringing the convenience to the users is the unchanging mission of Biotest!




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MEDICA, which started in 1969 and has been held annually in Dusseldorf, Germany since 1974, is a world-renowned comprehensive medical equipment exhibition and ranks first among the world's medical trade fairs with its irreplaceable scale and influence, leading the development direction of the world's healthcare industry as well as the perfect combination of medical treatment and modern technology. For Chinese enterprises, MEIDCA is the best trade platform to enter the German and even European markets.




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