HAIR DRUG RAPID TEST (Fluorescence Quantitative)


Hair Drug Rapid Test (Fluorescence Quantitative)



Hair Grinding Procedure: the most efficient and accurate extraction method

By grinding the hair into powder, the surface area of the hair can be greatly increased, and the keratin protein can be fully destroyed, so that the solvent can go deep into the hair inside the hair medulla layer and cortex layer for full dissolution extraction.



More convenient

Sample anti - corruption, easy to collect, easy to save, repeatable sampling

Longer Detection Limitation

Depending on the length of the hair, it can reflect weeks to months of drug use

More comprehensive drug abuse information

The type, duration and dose of the substance can be predicted by hair drug screen test


★Product feature:

Accurate: 99% Positive agreement,

Professional: Leading brand for Drug Testing

Efficient: More than 6 samples can be processed at one time withing 10 minutes.

Convenient: Simplicity of operator, Field use

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Hair Drug Rapid Test (Fluorescence Quantitative)