Portable Immunofluorescence Analyzer(AFS330M)

  • Description
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  • This product is an automatic immunofluorescence detection system based on the principle of photoelectric detection. It needs to work with a special fluorescent immunoassay reagent. The analyzer has high detection precision, strong portability, strong stability and fast detection speed. It is widely used in many fields such as disease detection, medical care, epidemic monitoring, food inspection and some other fields.

    1. Product Name: Portable Immunofluorescence Analyzer 

    2. ModelAFS330M

    3. packing1 unit/box 

    4. SoftwarePortable Immunofluorescence Analyzer

    5. Software versionV 1.0 

    6. Production Dateplease see the Nameplate on machine 

    7. Period of use3 years