MEDICA 2022 - Biotest Biotech Wonderful Presentation


MEDICA 2022 - Biotest Biotech Wonderful Presentation

The annual MEDICA Medical Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany has been successfully concluded.

 At this year's MEDICA Medical Exhibition, Biotest Biotech sent a strong team of exhibitors to overcome the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, and presented a variety of strategic products, bringing the latest Biotest solutions to the world's diagnostic industry.

During the exhibition, Biotest Biotech highlighted a number of new products and technologies, including the new micro-saliva drug test cassette, the integrated COVID-19 antigen rapid test tube, the Parent THC test saliva cup, the new multi-drug test urine cup and the new microfluidic detection technology and artificial intelligence drug detection technology. In addition, Biotest Biotech also focused on the promotion of new test series - fluorescent immunoassay series and veterinary test series. At the booth, new products and new technologies attracted the attention of many customers. After detailed understanding, customers expressed their cooperation intentions and put forward suggestions and demands, which laid a solid foundation for the subsequent growth of new business.

 Through this exhibition, Biotest Biotech learned more about cutting-edge IVD technologies and development directions. After the exhibition, we will continue to work on integrating new technologies and concepts into Biotest Biotech IVD products to make diagnosis more timely and efficient!

About MEDICA Exhibition

MEDICA Exhibition in Germany is a world-renowned comprehensive medical exhibition. It is recognized as the largest hospital and medical equipment exhibition in the world. It ranks first in the world medical trade exhibition with its irreplaceable scale and influence. Every year, personnel from the medical industry from all over the world gather here to showcase new products, exchange new technologies, and promote the sustainable development of the human health industry.

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